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surplus radio colors

surplus radio colours
I had some surplus radio equipment which had paint damage, so I wanted to repaint some equipment. So I started to look for the colour number. There is a RAL colour system that contains the most common colours. On the internet I fount for example the RAL6031 number, but it turned out that there are several similar greens used... By looking in the RAL list, the RAL6031 was missing... So I searched for a while to find out that is going 'wrong'.
After a while I discovered that there is the common RAL list, but also the RAL F9 list. This RAL F9 list contains the standardised ISAF colours by the Germans. So it's not RAL 6031, but it's RAL 6031 F9. Three colours of this list are used by the Dutch for the typical three colours camouflage pattern.
Fosco Industries has cans of paint in the standardised RAL F9 colours. I got a can of RAL 6031 F9 paint which is also known as NATO green paint. The Fosco Industries paint is matte (MT) by itself, so perfect matching wit the purpose.

The RT-3600 and the RT-4600 radio's are coated with the RAL 6031 F9 matte paint. So if you want to repaint or respray such equipment, this is the colour to go!

For reverence purposes I added an overview of the RAL F9 colours below.

RAL F9 colours

other greens
It turns out that other equipment can have a slightly different colour green. It seems that old DDR equipment is painted in the 'regular' RAL 6003 colour. It seems that RAL 6014 is the green/brown(ish) colour (also known as olive drab) that is used by the Americans around WWII. These two colours are in de regular RAL scheme, so check the colour swatch sample to be sure you have the correct colour.