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Deze (onafhankelijke) webpagina is een doorstart van Medio 2022 is de website na vele jaren uitgeschakeld, maar door nieuwe inspiratie is de website weer in de lucht. Weliswaar moet de code nog grondig worden aangepast en verbeterd, dus deze website is nog sterk in ontwikkeling. Dus nog even geduld voordat alles optimaal functioneert. ;-)

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Latest news/blog post: 09/2024
image Recently I bought a pedestal of an Airbus A340 airplane. I had already (most of the) overhead panel and the pedestal is a nice addition to this. The first steps are documented; inspection and cleaning. More will follow eventually...

There are so many articles here, that it's sometimes hard to see the relation and structure between everything. Therefore I had the idea to create a tree structure so get everything more clear. Last week I managed to create a 'recursive' loop to obtain the tree structure. The new navigation is implemented an hopefully it's easier to find the desires information. :-D

image Two years ago I made a simple test video of the Sfena H301 BAM artificial horizon. In two years the Youtube video had around 20k of views. Last weekend my mailbox 'exploded' with Youtube subscriptions and video comment notifications. And within a couple of days the amount of views rose to 200.000+! This inspired me to make some photo's ans finalise the planned article.

Artikelen index

          vacuum tube amplifiers
                    Geloso 3227 versterker
                    Geloso G.1/1040-A
                    (E)EPROM - (Erasable) Electric Programmammable Read Only Memory
                    decoupling capacitors
                    elektret microphone
                    vacuum tubes
                              6H2N-EB / 6N2P / ECC83 / 12AX7
                              algemene informatie
                              ATP4 elektronenbuis
                              elektronenbuis codering
                              IV-25 dot bar VFD tube
                    resistor coding
                    parallelle poort controller
                    serial port/RS232
                    Minipro TL866 chip programmer
                    Velleman VTSSC50N soldering station
                    Yihua 852D+ soldeering station
                    ZD-409 desoldering tweezer
                    ZD-915 desoldering station
                    Nixie clock project
          test and measurment theory
                    test- en meetapparatuur

          7artisans 7.5mm f:3.5 fish eye lens
          Hasselblad EL(M/X) battery replacement

          Avionics 'virus'
          Avionics power
                    Eicor Class-A Inverter
                    Static Inverter 1A2501B - 115+28V 400Hz
          Avionics safety!
                    Avionics connectors
                    Avionic panel basics (DZUS)
                              DZUS panels
          random instruments
                    ARC51 frequency selector
                    Avtech Remote Electronics Unit (LRU)
                    Dual comm. radio panel
                    Ferranti FEI30 Radar Warning Receiver display
                    gyroscope instruments
                              Bendix turn and slip indicator (3934-1AG-C1-1)
                              Ferranti FTS 21T turn and slip indicator
                              Kearfott 425408-1A-B vertical gyroscope
                              Sfena H301 BAM standby artificial horizon
                              Smiths Director Horizon H6
                              Sperry/Honeywell 311 vertical gyroscope
                    R&S GB610 P1 avionics radio panel
                    Racal 80794 Control Display UnitNIEUW
                    Smiths Fuel Quantity Indicator 2901 km 01
                    Smiths WL63AMR/FA/3 Radio Altimeter
                    Collins CSS-10 synchro source
                    Airbus 340-313
                              Airbus A340 pedestal (100VU)
                                        Airbus 117VU parking brake panel
                              overhead panel
                                        Airbus 313VU left speaker (F925.10170.000.00)
                                        Airbus overhead panel: PAX panel
                                        PAX paneel; passenger electric power
                    Boeing 747-400
                              avionics computers
                                        HDD array
                              Boeing 747 LRU's (Line Replacement Unit)
                                        Eldec transformer rectifier for Boeing 747 (2-418-05)
                              Boeing 747-400 CRT switch panel
                    Panavia Tornado
                              Tornado AMLCD TV TAB DU
                              Panavia Tornado Combined Indicator
                              Tornado TV TAB DU: introduction
                                        Tornado TV TAB DU: original use
                                        Tornado TV TAB DU: reverse engineering
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: A1 PCB (tv selector)
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: A2 PCB (horizontal deflection board)
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: A3 PCB (vertical deflection board)
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: A4 PCB (digital interface board)
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: A5 PCB (video amplifier board)
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: A6 PCB (failsafe board)
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: CRT module
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: frame module
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS)
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: keyboard module
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: Low Voltage Power Supply (LVPS)
                                                  Tornado TV TAB DU: wire harness
                              VDO ST443-3 Nozzle Area Position Indicator

          metric (ISO)
          Metrisch Fijn (ISO)
          snijsnelheid draaien
          snijsnelheid spiraalboren

          EM veldsterkte
          measurement devices
                    Gamma Scout
                    Pudibei NR-950 radioactivity meter
                    Frieseke und Hupfner SV500 radiation meter
          harardous radiation?

                    equipment buy/sell
                    press information
          antenne tuners
                    Ameritron ATR-20 tuner
                    MFJ-901b antennetuner
                    MFJ-948 antennetuner
                    MFJ-948 antenna tuner
                    MFJ-971 manual antenna tuner
          antenna system
                    (coax) kabels coderen
                    Diamond X-30N antenna
                    Moonraker discone antenna
                    Geroh AKAC019 liermast
                    Kerona AR-301 rotor
                    Logper antenna 1,35...9,5 GHz
                    Polyphaser MR50LNZ+15 surgeprotector
          APRS introduction
                    (on)bemand zenden
                    APRS applicaties/software
                    APRS protocol
                    APRS termen en definities
                    APRS hardware
                    internet info (realtime kaart)
                    APRS radio instellingen
                    APRS station types
                    Kenwood TH-D7E tracker
                              Byonics TinyTrak 4
                              Byonics TinyTrak3
                    Pixie CW transceiver module
                    12VDC connector
                    coax connectors
                    10 MHz low pass filter
                    23 cm duplex filter
                    6 cavity BPF for 70 cm band
                    9 en 150 kHz high pass filter
                    Aerial Facilities BPD-410/420-3N duplex filter
                    BG7TBL 10 MHz bandpass filter
                    Celwave P522 UHF duplex filter
                    Hoxin DX-720 diplexer
                    JWX triplexer broadcast/VHF/UHF
                    Kenwood LF-30A LPF
                    Motorola UHF cavity combiner
                    stub filter
                    basics: diplexer or duplexer
          frequency bands
                    27Mc band
                    Personal Mobile Radio (PMR)
          reference data
                    AWG wire table
                    DTMF tones
                    Morse code
                    NATO alphabet
                    Selcall / 5TVO
                    Telefunken ELK 639 receiver
          packet modems
                    AEA PK88 TNC
                    Baycom modem
                    DK9SJ TNC2S TNC
                    TNC7multi / TNC2multi
          portable transceivers
                    Baofeng UV-5R
                    Kenwood TH-D7E portofoon
                    Wouxun KG-UVD1P
                    Wouxun speakermike
                    Yaesu FT-3D portofoon
          power/SWR meters
                    Daiwa CN-101L
                    Daiwa CN-801
                    afregelen FT-8x7(D)
                    CTCSS module
                    go-kit FT-7800
                    RF power amplifier 3,5...30 MHz - 70 W
                    x-tal tester (DIY project)
                    octopus component tester
                    Counter 1 MHz input mod.
                    zwaai Alinco DR-135E MkII
                    FT-2000 headset
                    FT-2000 remote
                    headset (Avcomm)
                    Yaesu MH-48 lock mod
                    PI3WAD V1
                    Rohill R-2050 UHF repeater
                    Triple-P TXU-1256 repeater
                    programmeren FT-8x7
                    army surplus
                              BBC Vericrypt 1100 scrambler and programmer
                              document coding
                              Lorenz SEM25 repair
                              LV-80 RF amplifier
                              NSN codes
                              PRC-80 / VRC-8000
                              Racal Cougar introduction
                                        Racal Cougar Fill Gun; MA 4083
                                        Racal Cougar PRM1545L zendontvanger
                                        Racal Cougar SMT Amplifier TA4523L
                                        Racal PRM4515L data protocol
                                        Racal Cougar PRM4515L technical description
                              Racal VRM5080 surplus transceiver
                              RT-3600 introduction
                                        RT-3600 connector repair
                                        CG-5826 antenna cable for RT-4600
                                        CX-3600 power cable
                                        LS-4621 loudspeaker unit
                                        MT-4620 mounting
                                        RT-4600 repair (iNtermittend transmit signal)
                              SEM25 transceiver (surplus)
                                        SEM antennetuner (AGAT)
                                        SEM A/VHF - BVTS 80 power distribution - new model
                                        SEM25 gloeispanning
                                        SEM25 sparepart box
                              SEM35 transceiver (surplus)
                              surplus service (FM-3600/FM-4600)
                              surplus radio colors
                    industrial surplus
                              AEG Teleport 9
                              Elcom PAN2000 FFT processor
                              Motorola GM950 (70 MHz) transceiver
                              Teltronic M-250
                    telecom surplus
                              Ericsson F-955 UHF transceiver (surplus)
                              Ericsson F-955 modifcations 2017
                              NMT phone net
                                        Ericsson RS203/RS2062
                                        Nokia NNF30 + NCM30 monitoring module
                                        Radiosystem AB dummy load
                                        Radiosystem monitoring unit
                                        Radiosystem RS460 cavity band pass filter
                                        Radiosystem RS910 power supply
                                        Radiosystem RS923
                                        Radiosystem RS950
                                        Radiosystem RS951
                              Nokia RD72
                              RS920 10MHz oscillator
                              RS925 service box
          test and measurement equipment
                    10/20/30 dB RF attenuator
                    Agilent 8591C cable tv analyser / spectrum analyser
                    BG7TBL noise source module
                    Bird 8201 dummy load
                    Rohde & Schwarz ESH2-Z5 LISN
                    FUP1DZS meetzender
                    FUP1DZ manual
                    HP 331A measurement device - distortion analyser
                    HP 8782B vector signal generator
                    HP P382A waveguide attenuator
                    impedance converter 50/75 Ohm
                    Krohn-Hite 4100 signal generator
                    Leader LDM-815 dipmeter
                    LeCroy waveAce 2004 - TCON repair
                    Line Impedance Stabilisation Network
                    Marconi 2955A communication tester
                    Marconi TF2163 step attenuator
                    Philips PM2524 multimeter
                    Rigol DS-1054Z oscilloscope
                    Rigol DSA815-TG vector spectrum analyser
                    Rohde & Schwarz CMD53 GSM communications tester
                    Rohde & Schwarz CMT54
                    Rohde & Schwarz CMU200 1100.0008.xx communications tester
                    Rohde & Schwarz ZVM - Vector Network Analyser
                    Rohde&Schwarz SMT 02
                    Sayrosa 261 frequency counter
                    Schlumberger FS30 / FSM500
                    Spinner dummyload
                    Step Attenuator
                    counter prescaler
                    Time Domain Reflectometer
                    uTracer 3+
                    VSWR SA meetbrug
                    Zetagi DL50 dummyload
                    coax kabels testen
                    equipment checking, cleaning and overhauling
                    elektromigratie in FT-897 filters
                    oscillator adjustment
                    Ruisvrij squelch schakelen
                    snubber diode
                    determining output impedance
                    10 MHz distribution amplifier
                    BG7TBL GPSDO
                    Frequency Electronics FE-5680A Ribidium oscillator
                    GPSDO time display
                    HP 10811 OCVCXO
                    leap second
                    timestandard (general)
                    tijdstandaard; VE2ZAZ
                    time standard; W5OJM
                    Trimble 34310-T OCVCXO
          power supplies
                    Maas/KPO/Manson SPA-8230 voeding
                    Samlex SEC 1223 voeding
                    component archive
                    radio notebook
                    workshop tips
                    Icom IC-25E
                    Icom IC-2e
                    Icom IC-705
                    Icom IC-706 series
                    Icom IC-706mkIIG power loss
                    Icom IC-7100
                    Icom IC-7300 HF+6+4 base transceiver
                    Icom IC-756PRO fan modification
                    Icom IC-756pro2 filter board clearning and testing
                    Kenwood TS-830M
                    Kenwood TS-830M repair
                    QYT KT-8900 VHF/UHF mobile transceiver
                    Yaesu FT-101E
                    Yaesu FT-1500M
                    Yaesu FT-1802
                    Yaesu FT-2000 HF+6 transceiver
                    Yaesu FT-2800M VHF transceiver
                    Yaesu FT-7800
                    Yaesu FT-817
                    Yaesu FT-817 repair
                    Yaesu FT-857(D)
                    Yaesu FT-857/897 meter
                    Yaesu FT-8800 cooling modification
                    Yaesu FT-897(D)
                    Yaesu FT-897/FT-897D
                    Yaesu FT-897D VHF+UHF+6 mobile transceiver
                    Yaesu FT-8x7 (TC)XO
                    Yaesu FT-8x7 CAT port
                    Yaesu FT-8x7 serie
                    Yaesu FT-991
                    Yaesu FTM-100

          Beryllium oxide